The last time I posted about Rihanna it was all about her tattoo of the Goddess Aset (Isis) in memory of her grandmother. Now RiRi has chosen to pose naked for the British GQ with snakes on her head and other very artistic poses in the shoot with snakes as well. On the cover of the magazine she has a number of snakes on her head that some say look like the mythical character Madame Medusa.

People of course have said a number of things about the 'good girl gone bad'. And whether you see this as her just looking for attention or maybe you feel that she has gone too far, I guess you have every right to do so. But on the other hand, could this be another teachable moment to once again open up a discussion about who Aset (Isis) is/was in Kemetic Spirituality and Mythology?

In the cover photo, her tattoo of Aset (Isis) is clearly visible and when you put the serpents together with it, together they may serve as the symbol to spark the Auset (Isis) mythological story of how she tricked RA.

It is the 25th Anniversary of the GQ magazine. 25 (2+5=7), Aset is the 7th Neteru in the Grand Ennead. As the Kemetic/Egyptian myth goes:  " It was said that Aset (Isis) used a poisonous snake she made to trick RA out of his "secret name," using the cure as blackmail. Some say Aset healed Heru back to life from scorpion stings, others say a snake bite.

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