The new Snoop Dogg video for “California Roll” featuring Pharrell and Stevie Wonder was brought to my attention by a co-worker about a week ago. They came to me and said: “have you seen the new video by Snoop Dogg? I’m sure that you can relate to the symbolisms in in it.” So I took it upon myself to check it out and I was amazed at what I saw because the images speak directly to the “Know Thyself” campaign of WBLK.

The ancient Kemetic images of Africa that have been twisted and presented in a negative ‘light’ through what conspiracy theorist call the “Illuminati”, which simply means the “illuminated one’s”.

This video sparks a futuristic return to a certain level of consciousness that surrounds us every 30 years or so; the last time was in the 90’s and now we are just about 5 years away from possibly experiencing it again.

We should research and study the symbols to gain understanding and knowledge of self.

Shem Hotep (I go in peace)