The killing of 12-Year-Old Bandar Elwaseem was obviously accidental, which creates a whole unique set of variables...including how the person who committed this crime might be going through.  The consideration as to what the "shooter" may be going through should not be misconstrued as a sorrowful concern, rather, should be deemed a lesson learned on behalf of this person who did the shooting, and anyone else who is contemplating acting out of anger to the extent that there's a motivation to kill another human being.

A mindset such that a person is angry enough to lash out and take a life,                                based on a disagreement or some other type of conflict, can lead to things never imagined.  The example is evident in this situation whereas a person had the intent and nerve to commit one crime but ended up committing a crime unforeseen.  The lesson learned here is that, had this shooter exercised forgiveness and compassion towards the person he had "beef" with, 12-Year-Old Bandar Elwaseem, would more than likely be alive right now.

This incident truly hits home emotionally when you stop and realize the impact this will have not only on the family of the young boy but his friends.  Here's a look at that reality becoming evident upon reading the following statement from The Buffalo Public School District the following from a WIVB News Report relative to the shooting incident:

"Dear Buffalo Public Schools Families:
We and all of the members of the Buffalo Board of Education express our profound sadness and
dismay for the tragic and senseless violence that has claimed the lives of so many children in
our community. On Saturday evening, we lost another beautiful child, full of potential, to
senseless gun violence that too frequently occurs in our Buffalo neighborhoods. Too many of
our precious children are either injured or gone too soon due to gun violence. While we are
focused on their graduation and bright futures, it is always horrific and unimaginable when a
child is taken from us in this way.
Board President Nevergold and I call on our faith-based institutions, our citizen's groups, our
parents, our Mayor and elected officials, and our schools - all of US - to work together to
increase the peace and take clear measures to end the violence NOW!
We teach our students to embrace peaceful conflict resolution through Restorative Practices.
We provide Trauma Informed Care. We train staff in Culturally and Linguistically Responsive
Teaching practices, and we diligently prepare our Crisis Service Teams. Our Crisis Service
Team and School-based Student Support Teams will join several of our community partners to
provide counseling and other support services to International School #45, Lafayette
International High School #207, Newcomer Academy at Lafayette #353, Montessori School
#32, and Hutchinson Central Technical School #304. We are always prepared to assist our
children and families in time of need. Nevertheless, our greatest prayer is that there will soon
come a day when trauma remediation will no longer be necessary in our young people’s lives.
Please direct your spiritual thoughts and earnest actions toward Badraldeen Elwaseem, who has passed on. His grieving family and an entire city mourn his sudden and heartbreaking death, as with each of the others, one that we will never fully understand."

Condolences are in order for the familyBadraldeen Elwaseem's friends, and our Community.  Anyone with any information is asked to come forward by calling the Confidential Buffalo Police Tip-Line.  The City of Buffalo is offering a $7500 reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment as well as the FBI, who is offering a $5000 reward.

The Confidential TIPCALL Line number is (716) 847-2255.

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