Election Eve Voting Concerns?
Just added to all the craziness and controversy surrounding our 2016 General Election is now an announcement by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that they are "examining" possible terrorist threats against 3 States on "Election Eve"...
$60K Reward Offered for INFO!
FBI Officials are asking for YOUR HELP with information as to the whereabouts of the person pictured in the surveillance pictures below.
This crime dates back more than 10 Years ago, however FBI Officials have reason to believe this suspect may be living in the WNY Area...
3 More in Custody
The investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing seeped into New Bedford, Mass. on Friday evening withe the questioning of several people who knew suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
FBI Identifies boston suspects
Special Agent Rick DesLauriers of the FBI, who is leading the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombings, just held a press conference in which he revealed that there are two suspects. The FBI released photographs and video of two men believed to be responsible for the attacks.

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