The Buffalo Zoo is not at the forefront of most people's brains in and around Buffalo this time of year.  As a matter of fact, many people may even assume the Zoo is closed during the Winter months.  That notion is not the case.  The Zoo animals don't expire just because it's cold outside and the Buffalo Zoo is more than happy to have you come and enjoy during the less than summertime months.

Buffalo Zoo President and CEO, Norah Fletchall, said this (according to News Reports):

"The Zoo is a terrific place to be in the winter. Many of our animals are very active this time of year, like our polar bears and arctic foxes. The crowds are smaller, and our indoor exhibits are open, so there's a real opportunity to enjoy the Zoo at your own pace."

Some extra incentive for visiting The Buffalo Zoo during the winter months is the announcement by Zoo administrators that they are offering reduced admission rates from New Year's Day through February 28, 2019.  According to WGRZ News, 

Admission to the zoo will cost $8.95 per person and parking will be free. The zoo will offer this reduced admission to the zoo through February 28. 

Here's what you can look forward to at the Buffalo Zoo:

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