If you Missed it Saturday on The Blackout with DJ Bandanna Black Here It Is..... The Black List

Now first on the Black list the WBLK school spirit Challenge. On Friday myself and the WBLK Team had the chance to bring X-Factor’s Marcus Canty to the winning school of the School Spirit Challenge, Hutch Tech High School. Marcus Canty put on a show for the entire student body and faculty and at the end WBLK gave away tickets to the club paradise tour. So Big SO to Tech High!


Next on the list is Rapper/Singer Nicki Minaj confronts DJ Funk Master Flex on the Breakfast Club this week because of her cancellation of the summer jam performance. Minaj goes on to say that the comment Peter Rosenberg made about her recently was disrespectful and she would not perform anywhere she is not respected. Minaj also cleared up the rumor of recreating the death of fellow Rapper Lil Kim, and how she says “That’s not even my character”. Lil Wayne, DJ Envy, and many others all support Nicki and her decisions.

Speaking of women in Hip Hop next on the list is Angela Simmons who is the daughter of pioneering Hip-Hop Reverend Run, of Run-DMC. According to AllHipHop.com  Angela Simmons is exploring other business ventures besides Pastries and will be releasing  a line of hair extensions called “Bikini” Angela Simmons’s Bikini line of hair extensions are due in stores on June 21. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to CancerCare.


Last on the list is local artist L.O.V.E aka Felicia Perry producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and sound engineer. A true Go Getta L.O.V.E latest Mixtape  Eat. Pray. Love is one that is truly unique with thought provoking lyrics and attention graving beats. Check out her new video “Hold On” and get the mix tape at www.Somebodyslove.com


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