When you see a Black man caring for his child, are you surprised? Do you add him to the list of "Good Fathers" that you can count on one hand? Poet Prentice Powell presents a message on Arsenio Hall show that moved the audience to tears on this very subject. Watch it here!


"Don't Tell Me I'm A Good Father, when you don't know anything about me."


You might look out into the world and see mothers and children functioning in this world without a father, but most of the times, this is not by choice. Sometimes the mother doesn't allow him to be in the child's life, sometimes the man grew up without a father himself and just doesn't know how to be a great dad, but most of the time, if the Black father is absent, it's because he is locked up for a non-violent crime.

Personally, I have seen how the Child Support system is more focused on criminalizing Black Men than securing the welfare of the child. The court system is so quick to lock our fathers up and slam them with a felony just because they fell behind in payments. Normally, this happens due to lack of employment opportunities available to the black man, who is still viewed as a threat.

(Even when he is simply walking down the street or listening to loud music in his vehicle)

Don't be so surprised when you see a black man taking care of his children. Those who can do! It's time to support them and work against the forces that seek to separate these men from their own flesh & blood!


Watch Prentice Powell perform "The System" poem above! #Insightful