All Weekend Long, WBLK is shining the Spotlight on Queen City Moms! Allow me to share a little poem dedicated to the lady in my life! 


Mom, you are the centerpiece of my life.
The light in my sun.
I can't thank you enough for all you have done.
You make me smile when I am sad.
You are the best mother a child could ever have.
You console me deeply when something's wrong.
You know when something's happened or something's going on.
I appreciate the love you bring in.
You cheer me up when I lose.
You make me laugh when I win.
You turn my moon into a sun.
You've done too much though my life has just begun.
You give me a shelter and food to eat.
You are the soles in my shoes
The bones in my feet.
You support me and hold me tall.
You stand me high and don't let me fall.
You make my life easier in every way.
That's why I want to say Happy Mother's Day!

(Written By Victoria A. Ledet)

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I gotta tell you, my mom really made me the woman I am today! She always told me that I can do ANYTHING I dream of. And that confidence helped my break through racial barriers in my educational and professional career. I became the very first person in my family to go to college. And not only did I go to a Big 10 school, I became a radio host as a freshman and graduated from Michigan State University with honors.

Thank you, Mom, for all you've done for me and all you do for my daughter!! We love you! You are the best!