In a World where an unarmed black boy wearing a hoodie and a black man running down the street can be justifiably shot and killed by Police, what can you do as a parent do to protect your black son?

Watch this Dateline video of a man who believes that teaching his two boys to act and dress a certain way will protect them from being “profiled” by police.

In this video Lawrence Graham explains his theory of using clothes, diction and eye contact as weapons against racial profiling and harassment by police. Do you agree with him and his wife's methods?

Harvard Professor Henry Gates was wearing a golf shirt when he was arrested on his own door step!

At the end of the day, we live in a Country that is so afraid of Black people that even Police who are trained to diffuse escalating situations, feel the need to use excessive force when dealing with black suspects.

YES - Citizens should respect the authorities, but authorities should respect us in return!
YES - Suspects shouldn't run away from Police, but Police shouldn't shoot the suspect down just to arrest his dead body!


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