The other day I was going through some boxes at the house, and I came across a few of my old poetry/ rhyme books from when I was a kid. There was this one that kind of stuck out so I figured why not share it.

Generation X ? 

They labeled us killers & drug dealers

Before they even had a chance to really come and feel us

Said all we did was have sex and get high

That’s not the truth (Walk with me) come take a look at life through my eyes

The struggles we go through how as a youth we had to fight to survive

And in these streets I’ve seen to many friends die

I know that violence is not they key

But we are young still searching for a remedy

Guns where I live is more popular than the Kennedys

So stop Calling us Generation x, and realize in Gods eyes we are all equal

My father made bad choices but I REFUSE to be the sequel

Some times I feel like with all life stresses

And me having to learn painful lessons

I miss out on a lot of God’s blessings

Still I strive to do the right thing

But it’s hard when yall hex us


You don’t believe we can achieve

Some Motivation from our older Generation is what we need