Canalside Fight Outrage!
I'm trying hard to imagine myself growing up as a teenager and fighting with another individual in public, broad daylight and embarrassing myself. However, rather than public fights being embarrassing these days, public fights among youth is the only acceptable means of handling conflict...
Meet a Lockport MMA Champion!
Joe Taylor's dad, Johnny Taylor, was a Local Boxing Champ from Lockport, NY, and would be so extremely pleased and proud of his already legendary son. Joe Taylor has been perfecting his kick-boxing, boxing and martial arts skills for only three years (since his dad's passing), and already he has World Class Gold Medals and Championship Belts to prove he is a bona fide contender to be reckoned with
Katt Williams Punches a "KID'
Okay this video has gone "Viral". I get it, but what I DON'T GET is Katt Williams! What is wrong with this guy and why do people follow him and condone his foolishness? Comedic content and actions are fitting for an on-stage act, but the general public is NOT included as a STAGE for your 'ACT' Katt Williams...
Battle Of The EBT?
Well they say once the weather breaks, thats when we turn up! lol. Three women from Buffalo are now charged and held behind bars after a fight broke out at Social Service last Friday and was video taped of course. Check out the video, according to WGRZ, there were men involved In the video as well...
Did Two Cast Members From Empire Get in a Real Fight?
How many of you have been patiently waiting for the Season 2 premiere of Empire? Well it airs on FOX September 23rd at 9pm. But we hear there is some trouble on the set. According to, Terrance Howard and Bryshere Grey aka Yaz had a real fight filming a fight scene...
Galleria Mall Fight
Officers from the Cheektowaga Police Department are investigating a fight that broke out Monday evening at the Galleria Mall on the upper level in front of the Abercombie & Fitch store, according to WIVB.
Italian Festival Shuts Down
The Italian Festival was 'Shut Down' Saturday Evening at around 9:30 for 'UNRULY BEHAVIOR'. However, the Italian Festival Re-Opens today. I'm not sure WHY the Festival was 'SHUT DOWN', but this video may give us some clues. HERE IS THE INITIAL NEWS REPORT: Here's An UPDATED News Report: VIDEO  Here's a YouTube with a Race Related Overtone:      

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