ADRI.V's The Go Getta Mix with DJ Queen Of Spades
Every month I featured a new DJ on The Go Getta Mix, and the month of August, the Featured DJ is DJ Queen Of Spades!
Check her out!
DJ Queen of Spades has always had a love affair with music.  While growing up in Toronto, Canada she explored her inner creativity through dance and dramatic arts wh…
WEEN Awards
So I am so Pro Women and all about us making moves. Last week the 3rd Annual Women In Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN) Awards was yet again an awesome event. The 3rd Annual WEEN Awards took place yesterday evening at The Samsung Experience in NYC...
Our Twisted Reality-Know Thyself Community Wednesday
Are entertainment, sports, and politics used as deceptions from our true nature?
There exists within every human being on the planet an unshakable peace; in the conscious community we know it as Hotep. From the moment that most of us come out of the womb we are immediately conditioned …
Plan A, No Plan B!
I had an opportunity to stumble upon an amazing video of  Will Smith talking about his work ethic, method and why he believe in "No Plan B."  Check out Will Wisdom, I'm sure it will bless you as much as it did me...
Movies To See
This season of fall and winter movies are always my favorite. And there are a few movies that haven't been released yet that capture my attention.
Undercovers Cancelled
I'm so NOT surprised with this announcement! NBC announced yesterday that it will not order additional episodes beyond the original 13-episodes they already requested.   The "Undercovers" cast is currently filming Episode 12. That means the show g…