Are entertainment, sports, and politics used as deceptions from our true nature?


There exists within every human being on the planet an unshakable peace; in the conscious community we know it as Hotep. From the moment that most of us come out of the womb we are immediately conditioned by things and circumstances of the external world…If you are a baby girl, you are immediately clothed with the colors that our society has deemed appropriate for you to wear and the same is true if you are a boy. We are trained to recognize the things that we perceive with our 5 senses and sometimes never really taught about the senses from within; our intuition and how to be intuit, which is also as natural as anything else that we poses as human beings.

When we spend so much of our time (individually) enthralled in mass media that promotes nothing but buffoonery and how much money one makes and what material possessions they have—that is not true reality! That’s not who we are; that is someone else telling us who we are because we have bought into that mirror of reality. Begin paying attention to the time you spend watching and talking about reality television, politics, and sports and then ask yourself “am I being manipulated into the world of deception”?