This season of fall and winter movies are always my favorite. And there are a few movies that haven't been released yet that capture my attention.

blue valentine

 1) Blue Valentine

It’s a dark story about a couple struggling to keep their marriage alive. But there is some sort of twist or racy scene, because this film was stamped with an NC-17 rating. Not sure exactly what was so bad, seeing as how the only nudity is of Ryan Gosling’s booty- there’s been much worse in other films!


 2) 127 Hours

A true story about a man named Aron Ralston who got trapped under a rock in a canyon,  and had to cut his own arm off to survive. It stars James Franco, and the movie is so epic during a sneak screening some people fainted and had to leave the movie!


3) Morning Glory

This season’s feel good movie. It’s targeted to all ages, staring one of my favorite actresses Rachel McAdams. It’s about a young girl who is breaking into her new career and lands a job as a producer on a low rated morning talk show. College grads can truly appreciate this story line!

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