Norma Gibson is the baby mama caught up in today’s drama, and she apparently called the cops on her ex Tyrese last night.

According to, Tyrese went to Gibson's home in North Hollywood Tuesday night to pick up their 6-year-old daughter. Sources say Norma did not want to hand the kid over because she felt the child was sick.

So before Tyrese got there, sources say Norma called the police because she felt the custody order didn’t require her to turn the child over, and she wanted the cops to review the document. Apparently the LAPD officers arrived around the same time Tyrese did.

Don’t know what was said between the cops and Tyrese, but no police report was taken, and Tyrese left without his daughter.

I sure hope this isn’t a example of using your child as a pawn just to punish the baby's father because you're mad at him. I just feel if the father wants to be involved with his kids on a positive level, why not allow him?

So if I'm wrong, I apologize now, but to me, this sounds more like a revenge tactic rather than what’s in the child’s best interest. What do you think??? Leave your two cents below!

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