R&B Singer Jeremih Arrested for DUI On His Birthday
The "Planes" singer Jeremih was arrested Friday morning in the Valley after partying for his birthday. He was charged with a DUI misdemeanor after being pulled over on a highway in California around 2:15 am.
Jeremih had to stay the reminder of the night IN JAIL...
Apology Acceptable?
Matthew Cordle produced a video that went viral last week...but it's not just any old video...it's a Video Confession regarding his killing a man because he was Driving Drunk.
Do you think the video confession is enough?  Do you think the video confession is sincere...
Driver killed after police shoot
On Thursday Night, two people died on the corner of Fillmore Ave and the 33 and one police officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. All of this over a suspected DUI.
Dr Corasanti Behind Bars [VIDEO]
After being found off all charges related to the death of Alix Rice, the "Good Doctor" will still find himself behind bars, after the judge gave James C Corasanti the maximum punishment for misdemeanor DUI.
Bobby Brown: “Bye Bye DUI”
Bobby Brown won't let a little DUI charge get in the way of his Reunion Tour with new Edition.
On Wednesday, Bobby had his lawyer enter a plea of no contest to a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence. No all he has to do is follow the rules of his informal probation and get a hands-f…