Two New York state lawmakers want to lower the blood alcohol limit in the state.

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Assemblyman Felix Ortiz and Senator John Liu are the two New York state lawmakers who want to lower the blood alcohol limit for drinking and driving, according to WIVB.

They are proposing to change the limit from .08 to .05. If the bill passed and became law, it would make New York the second state to lower the B.A.C. to .05. The lower limit would mean it would take less alcohol content in a person's blood to reach the legal limit, thus making the person subject to drinking and driving laws. The bill has been proposed previously, but failed.

Nevertheless, the two lawmakers believe that it can succeed this time.

"A study published in the Traffic Prevention Injury journal found it took at least four drinks for the average 170 pound man in two hours to exceed .05, and three drinks for a 137 pound female in two hours. Drinking the same amount in just one hour would exceed the .08 threshold." ~WIVB

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