Fatal Shooting & Crash Linked
Police have not released all the info as of yet but it seems clear that the car that crashed through a Guard Rail and crashed onto Route 33 is related to the murder that took place pnly about a mile away on Purdy Street.
Wrong Way On i90 [vid]
Imagine you're driving home after a long day and here comes a crazy lady driving the wrong way onto the freeway coming straight toward your car!! With no where to go, you collide with the drunk driver and are rushed to the hospital. This happened to someone right here in Buffalo this weekend. …
Tracy Morgan *UPDATE* [VIDEO]
Actor / Comedian Tracy Morgan is reportedly in Intensive Care following a serious crash on the New Jersey Turnpike between his Tour Bus and a Tractor Trailer.  Some passengers died in the crash.
Zimmerman A Hero?
It's being told that George Zimmerman saved lives ...or at least rescued some a family just days ago...and just days after his NOT GUILTY VERDICT!