There is something special about a house that has a vintage feel to it. It still remains to be the way pictures remember it, back when the structure was just built. And how cool would it be to say you live in one of the oldest homes in Western New York?

A new listing on Zillow features a house in Buffalo, New York that is currently the oldest home on the market in the Western New York area. Built in 1807, this house is 217 years old, which means the President of the United States at that time was Thomas Jefferson. Makes the house seem even older, huh?

This house is located in the heart of Allentown, and it features a rooftop balcony and a beautiful home front. With deep blue window awnings, it’s a sight you can’t miss!

It’s also a great income-producing opportunity, with the first floor of the home already sectioned off into multiple units with temporary walls, easily converted to an open floor plan, and it includes one upper unit with a one bedroom apartment and a rooftop balcony. 

And it includes a full basement, too! 

Take a look at some of the pictures of the oldest home for sale in Western New York, and see for yourself how captivating the house is. 

This Allentown Home Is The Oldest Listing On Zillow

This is a house you simply cannot overlook. Take a look at these photos of this Allentown home...built in 1807!

Gallery Credit: Zillow

Buffalo was recently named the hottest Zillow market for 2024, based on categories like employment opportunities, overall living cost, and walkability in the community. Allentown is one place in Western New York that always has something fun going on, pretty much every day. 

If you want to schedule a tour of this beautiful home, you can click here for more details. 

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