Target is taking Black Friday to a whole new level. No, they're not opening earlier than they did last year, but their Black Friday deals are going to last longer than just Black Friday.

For 10 days, starting November 22, there will be different killer deals as good as Black Friday.

According to WIVB:

Target is sweetening the deal for those that do shop on Black Friday: Shoppers who spend at least $75 will receive a 20 percent discount they can use between Dec. 4 and Dec. 13. After opening on Thanksgiving, Target will stay open throughout the night and remain open into Black Friday.

Here are some of the best deals for Best Buy's Black Friday in 2015.

  • Best Buy

    5 PM, Thanksgiving Day
  • Target

    6 PM, Thanksgiving Day
  • Macy's

    5 PM, Thanksgiving Day
  • JC Penny

    3 PM, Thanksgiving Day
  • Toys R Us

    5 PM, Thanksgiving Day
  • PetSmart

    7 AM
  • Kohls

    6 PM, Thanksgiving Day
  • Gamestop

    5 AM
  • JoAnn's

    6 AM
  • Bonton

    5 PM, Thanksgiving Day
  • Dollar General

    7 AM, Thanksgiving Day
  • Sears

    6 PM, Thanksgiving Day