One of the most cherished times of year has finally rolled around, and people all over America are traveling to get together and spend time with their loved ones.

Even though it did not become an official Federal Holiday until 1941, Thanksgiving is one of those traditions in the United States that have been celebrated in some form since the country's creation. In fact, it was George Washington himself who, on October 3, 1789, issued the first proclamation advising Americans to celebrate a public day of thanks-giving.

Since then, Americans have gathered at their dining room tables to fellowship with each other and remember everything that is well and good in their lives, celebrating each other over dinner while eating together amongst family and friends.

For the last few hundred years, I can imagine families being huddled together, looking in the kitchen, all wondering the same thing: what time are we going to eat?

What Time Is Thanksgiving Dinner Served?

I know many people who skip dinner the night before and breakfast on Thanksgiving morning to ensure they have enough room in their tummies for all that amazing Thanksgiving food. Some families spend days in preparation for the massive feast, and even then, dinner may not be ready when you think it should be.

So, when do people in the Empire State typically eat their dinner?

When Do New Yorkers Eat Thanksgiving Dinner?

Believe it or not, national researchers have asked that exact same question, and the answers they came up with are actually pretty surprising.

Gathering survey data from more than 3,000 people, ShaneCo learned a lot about the Thanksgiving habits of New Yorkers, including the average time dinner is served.

It appears that most New Yorkers are eating dinner in the early afternoon, sometime between 2p and 4p, which aligns with the national average.

I think my family missed this memo because there have been several years where I wasn't even allowed near the kitchen until 6 p.m.

What time do you and your family eat dinner? And do you have room at the table for me?

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