Starbucks faces new allegations of racism after a Latino man in California reportedly discovered a derogatory term on his coffee cup.

According to KTLA The customer, whose name is Pedro, received a drink labeled “beaner” which is a racial slur for Mexicans, when he visited a location Tuesday in La Cañada, California.

When his co-worker contacted the store, the manager reportedly claimed that the cashier misheard Pedro when he told them his name for the order.

“Out of all the names they could’ve put on his coffees for ‘misunderstanding’ him they decide to put ‘beaner,'” The co-worker stated.

The coworker then to took it to Twitter where Starbucks tweeted back “not the welcoming experience we aim to provide.”

The episode comes two weeks ahead of stores closing nationwide for a day of racial bias training.

Starbucks announced the training in response to another incident last month at a Philadelphia location where two black men were arrested while waiting for a business meeting.

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