The late Tupac Shakur's life has been widely publicized for as long as he lived and even still to this day. Although he was born in New York and had fans worldwide, in Buffalo New York, I wasn't so sure if he had as many here. We celebrate artist birthdays and death anniversaries, I recently asked the question what were some of your favorite 2 Pac songs of the 90s, and to my surprise, the fans spoke up loud and clear.

What Were Some Of Buffalo Fans Favorite Songs?

Everyone that commented on the question said, "If My Homies Call" was one of their all-time favorites." If My Homies Call" was recorded in 1991 and released in 1992, and peak at number 3 on the rap singles chart in May of 1992. The next on the list was "Dear Momma", this song was so popular to Buffalo fans because there were many people here that could relate to that story." keep Ya Head Up" made this list, and of course "Hit em up". Some other songs were as follows.

  • I Ain't Mad at Cha         (1996)
  • I Get Around                 (1993)
  • Violent                          (1991)
  • California Love              (1995)
  • So many Tears              (1995)
  • Temptations                  (1995)
  • Pour Out A Little Liquor  (1994)
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I was the DJ at a very popular Hall where we did high school dances called the I.P.E, this list and responses to the question about your favorite Tupac songs is surprising to me because anyone that can remember going to the number party spot on the east side of Buffalo in the 90s could tell you, the only Pac song that got played, was "Hit em up" and it was only played after Junior Mafia featuring Biggie song "Get Money"(remix).

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