Remember when Food Stamps looked like the Picture above?  Well. things are a bit more advanced now, and speaking of advanced, the Government Shut-Down is about to enter into its 24th day and SNAP Benefits (Food Stamps) were threatened  by the Shut-Down, however, President Trump has made arrangement for SNAP Benefits to be distributed before February...meaning people will get their Supplemental Nutrition but in ADVANCE of their regularly scheduled date, according to News Reports.

39 Million Americans have to get their SNAP Benefits by January 20 and if you are in need of SNAP Benefits, you MUST apply before this coming Friday since the  20th is on a Sunday.  President Trump is confident this unprecedented move will go smoothly...but we'll see.

Now MARCH is another story:


If you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding SNAP Benefits (Foos Stamps) ... call this Toll Free #


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