New York Food Stamps (SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Recipients will get Food Stamps early again this month as was the case in February due to the Government Shutdown, according to News Reports.   Recipients can expect their SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Benefits no later than March 7.

If You're interested in getting SNAP Benefits in New York State, the following information from the New York State Food Stamps website tells you all you need to know:

Once you've established how you want to apply for SNAP (link above) here's how you need to proceed, according to the New York State SNAP Benefits Webpage:

Where to Apply for New York Food Stamps

In order to apply for food stamps in NY, applicants need to know where they can actually acquire the physical food stamps application. In New York, there are a couple of different ways to acquire an application for SNAP. The SNAP team recommends applicants try to fill out the New York online food stamps application whenever possible. The New York online food stamps application is the fastest way to receive a response from SNAP. Many applicants also consider the web application to apply for food stamps in NY to be the most convenient since they are able to acquire it directly on their computers and fill it out at their leisure. Applicants can also print off the New York food stamps application directly from the website, and then bring it to the nearest SNAP agency for filing. Download our free guide to review information on how to locate a nearby SNAP agency in NY.

All local SNAP agencies will have the New York food stamps application available. Applicants that are worried about incorrectly filling out the application for NY SNAP may benefit from going to a local office to complete the application since they can receive personal assistance from SNAP agents. Even applicants that complete the New York online food stamps application should be able to locate the nearest NY SNAP office. If the application for SNAP is accepted, potential beneficiaries may have to go to the local office for the second part of the application process, which is an interview with a SNAP agent.

How to Apply for Food Stamps in New York

Once the applicant has decided on the New York food stamps application method, the next step is to gather all the necessary documentation to complete the paperwork. In order to get food stamps in New York, applicants will have to submit a great deal of information regarding their finances. Applicants should have financial documents on hand, such as their most recent pay stubs, their most recent tax returns and any documents that relate to personal assets. If applicable, to prove they need to get food stamps in New York, applicants should also gather any information regarding housing expenses. Some examples of housing expenses include receipts for housing insurance and any papers that relate to rent or mortgage. Applicants that have any sort of court-ordered payments, like child support, will also need to disclose this information when completing their New York food stamps application documentation for review.

In addition to information about finances, applicants will need to submit some basic identification information for their New York food stamps applications. Applicants should have some form of photo identification, to start. Applicants will also need proof of legal residency in New York, and they must be able to provide valid Social Security Numbers. Learn the acceptable identification documents to apply for food stamps in NY by downloading our guide.

New York Food Stamps Disqualifications

Applicants that want to apply for food stamps in NY should not only look at the eligibility requirements but also what kinds of factors cause applicants to be disqualified from the SNAP program. Along with the application process, SNAP will also conduct an in-depth background check on the applicant. Part of the background check is to verify the information on the New York food stamps application, but also to see if applicants have criminal histories, or if they have past records of using federal aid programs.

Applicants that have criminal pasts may be disqualified from SNAP benefits, especially if they were arrested due to drug-related offenses. Applicants that have previously used federal aid programs may also have a harder time when they apply for food stamps in NY, especially if they are still receiving benefits from another program. Applicants are able to appeal a New York food stamps application denial if they feel the agency did not provide an adequate reason for dismissing them.

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