Buffalo Charter Schools have been the school of choice for many parents in Buffalo, Charter Schools have a reputation for being high performing schools, typically, smaller class sizes and more personal instruction than a normal public school. In the past, parents would have to fill out and submit an application for each individual school in hopes of securing a seat.

According to, thanks to a new initiative by the New York Charter Schools Association, there is now one application that almost all Buffalo's Charter Schools accept. The free application is available in two languages, Parents can get the enrollment applications online, the website offers tons of information, from local participating schools, performance data from state to state and, it can be filtered by grade and location. The application deadline for the 2021-2022 school year is April 1.

The  Association is proud to have facilitated this collaborative effort between Buffalo's great public charter schools, It's our hope that this platform increases access to knowledge of area charter schools and it simplifies the application.

said, Yomika S Bennett, Executive Director of the New York Charter Schools.


Charter Schools in Buffalo are public schools but they are run independently, which provides families and children an alternative to the "traditional" public school. I know of many parents that have children who attend charter schools, and they are very happy with the way the programs are run. I think it is a great Ideal to have a more assessable way for parents to get their children in the Charter School program.

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