You probably never thought about how many DJs there are in Buffalo, so let me tell you, it's countless. The number of DJs to hit the scene just in the past 10 years alone will absolutely blow you away. Technology has made it easier for people that have always inspired to be a DJ actually go out and give it a try. Nowadays DJs can get a full DJ set up for under $500.00 and literally be ready to start playing events. Let's be honest, there are some "old school" DJs that have been "in the game" for a long time, some of them I know personally that are flat out hating on the "new school" DJs and the technology.

Can Vinyl Make A Full Comeback For DJs?

I personally think that it would depend on the event you're doing if you can DJ an entire event just using vinyl. I have seen short DJ sets with just vinyl, but not a whole event, so I would have to say that vinyl can make a comeback for recreational use, but I don't think it would work for professional use by mobile DJs or club DJs.

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Is Using Vinyl Better Than Using Digital Recordings?

That question has been up for debate for a long time, and without getting too technical, many people believe that vinyl sounds much better, because when it is recorded and transferred,  there is no audio data lost, so it sounds just like it did in the studio when it was produced. Like many people, I still have a lot of my old vinyl, but I'm not ready to go back to carrying it around for events.

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