Parents and Students in Buffalo and Niagara Falls will know as of tonight as to whether schools will be closed in the next couple of days.  It's being predicted that temperatures will get down to 6 Degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday and 4 Degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday.

Niagara Falls School Superintendent Mark Laurrie said this according to news reports:

"We'll make that call (Tuesday) evening as opposed to waiting till 5 in the morning," he said. "The reason being is we wanna give parents the opportunity to prepare for child care. And if we can make a decision at 8 o'clock at night ... it's just as good as 5 in the morning."

If there is school, Mark Laurie shared this alternative, according to the news:

"The parent has the final judgment in my district, at least if we remain open ... so we're gonna try to make the best decision in a timely manner that keeps the safety of kids at heart," he said.

Students waiting for buses is a concern due to the threat of Frostbite which can begin to take effect within 60 seconds of being exposed to the Frigid Temperatures expected Wednesday and Thursday.

WATCH, as 'The DRs' discuss Frostbite:

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