Rumor or Real Rutgers University offers Beyoncé Course?

When I heard about this I was jealous that I was not a student there. But if your wondering if this is a rumor or real your in for a treat... this rumor is slightly real.

According to the Washington Post "Offered by the university’s Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, the “Politicizing Beyoncé” is taught by a doctoral student and lecturer named Kevin Allred. However, Allred does not attempt to dub Beyoncé as a political figure. Instead, the class analyzes explores the complicated nature of “American race, gender and sexual politics” using the singer’s work as an example.

According to Rutgers’ news site, Allred also “pairs Beyoncé’s music videos and lyrics with readings from the black feminist cannon, including the writings of bell hooks, Alice Walker, and even abolitionist Sojourner Truth.”

Although it is not all about Beyoncé this course actually sounds like a very interesting and fun course.  insightful if I was at Rutgers I would sign up!

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