Crazy or Just Nuts?!?!?

When Artest hit the buzzer beater game winning shot he told media reporters after the game, that “God told me to do it”….if you thought that he was strange for thanking his psychiatrist after winning the game…this might take cake. As of today Ron Artest will officially be called Metta World Peace. A California court judge rules in his favor on yesterday. The back of his jersey if there is a season 2011-2012 Season will say, “World Peace”.  The word Metta is a Buddhist term used to express loving, kindness, and friendliness.


Artest said was quoted saying, “"Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world," World Peace, 31.

Tell me what is in a name I am proud of name, it is who I am, it is unique to me, and my momma gave me this name!!


All I can do I LMBO!! What do you think?