Back in the spring, getting used to remote learning was a challenge for everyone. Many parents and students really had to adjust to a different way of learning.

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Students with special needs have really had a tough time and probably suffered the most, mainly because they don't have access to the special services and therapies they need. Travis Tolbert is a 5th grader, and he is autistic and non-verbal. He used to be able to spell his name without help.

According to WIVB, Yolanda Young, who is Travis Tolbert mom, said,

With sight words he needs assistance, when before March he didn't need help. It's been a struggle because you want the best for them, you don't want them to miss out on anything.

I can personally speak to this matter as a parent of an autistic child, it is really tough to try to get through a Zoom lesson when the attention span of most autistic children is not that long, especially my child. There is a little regression because it's not the same as a parent trying to teach your child with special needs, there is a certain skill set that parents are not trained for in my opinion.

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