The headline is not exaggerated.  This really happened.

Normally, before you are able to ponder things that happen these days, in their simplest form, you're bombarded with all the different speculations and reasons as to why whatever happened is or could be justified.  With that said, the following is one of those news stories, hard to believe when you consider it in it's simplest form.  Simply put, a man with a disability was removed from an Frontier Airlines flight.  We can stop right there without offering an explanation as to 'why'.  I'm stating that it's just not right to ask a person with a disability to exit a flight unless the person is acting unruly.  That's not the reason 28-Year-old Robert Knab was removed for a different reason...and it's not a good one,

Robert Knab, a Quadriplegic and paralyzed from the waist down, said this regarding his being removed from the Frontier Airlines flight, according to news reports:


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