Great news for all students in high school, and as a DJ, I can truly attest to how important the end of the school year is for Juniors and Seniors. The excitement of planning for graduation and the other important events of the year, senior class day ball, and, of course, the prom.

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Starting on June 1 end of the year celebrations can begin, but there are some restrictions. Attendees will not be allowed to congregate except when they are seated at their assigned seats. Another restriction is attendees are only allowed to stand when it is absolutely necessary for the event. Attendees must follow the strict social distancing guidelines and are only allowed to remove their masks while eating or drinking. The guidelines also require all guess to only eat and drink with people in their own group.

Live music and DJs are allowed, but there are some very strict rules that have to be followed as well, live entertainers must be at least twelve feet away from guess unless protected by a proper barrier. Dancing with members of your own group is allowed, but you must be 6-feet away from any other attendees on the dance floor.

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It is suggested that event organizers should stagger intervals for the buffet service and it should be staffed as well to help keep social distance between attendees. I like that there is a game plan put in place to allow these special events to take place. I just wonder if the students and other staff members will be able to enjoy their selves.

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