Really!!!??? I can't find fault with Jessica Vanessa and her profession... I have a problem with the MEN who make what she does WORTH A SIX FIGURE INCOME!!!!  Jessica Vanessa is a 22 Year-Old PROFESSIONAL TWERKER!!!!!

Guys really PAY MONEY to watch her videos online and in person.  REALLY?  Yes, REALLY!!!!  I guess it's no different from how strippers make their money.... but very few strippers make a SIX FIGURE INCOME!!!  I'm really trying to figure out WHY ... or WHAT... makes this PROFESSION a Profession in the 1st Place, and why and how we get to a place in this society such that TWERKING is so popular that it yields ANYONE a Six-Figure Income!!!!

I can't blame Jessica however....she's just taking advantage of a perversion whose excuse is... "IT'S JUST A DANCE".  Yeah...ok... just a "dance" worth a far more than it needs to be.


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