A 6-Figure Income Doing What?
Really!!!??? I can't find fault with Jessica Vanessa and her profession... I have a problem with the MEN who make what she does WORTH A SIX FIGURE INCOME!!!!  Jessica Vanessa is a 22 Year-Old PROFESSIONAL TWERKER!!!!!
Guys really PAY MONEY to watch her videos online and in person...
Why Do Women Twerk?
You can search pretty much ANYTHING on YouTube and something regarding what you're searching for will come up right????  Well, I tried this..... "WHY DO WOMEN TWERK?"  Hmmmm... I searched page after page and NO ONE must be asking that question...
Twerk, Diddy Twerk?
Whether it's a publicity stunt or not, it's always an interesting day when hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs twerks on television!
Paula Patton Twerks on Arsenio
After all the Miley Cyrus / Robin Thicke Twerking controversy, Paula Patton takes some of the heat of her husband and does a little "Twerk Session" on late night host Arsenio Hall. Watch the video inside.
Miley Unfairly Criticized?
I think all the criticism that's being directed at Miley Cyrus is Ridiculous, Crazy, & Unfair!
Are people BLIND?  Miley Cyrus' performance during the MTV VMA's was no more TERRIBLE than the performances in Robin Thicke's NEW SONG - "Give It 2U"...w..…
Miley Twerks on Robin thicke
Somewhere at the VMA's Miley Cyrus is still twerkin! Watch the gold grill-waering, oversized teddy bear wearing, daughter of Country Music Superstar Billy Ray Cyrus shake up the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards inside.
Twerkin' Gone Too Far!
I left the Title of this BLOG ...AS IS... so you could TRULY understand what has happened and what has led to me CHANGING THE SUBJECT!!!!
I was initially planning on doing a Blog about the 1st video you're going to see below... but when I typed in "8 YEAR-OLD TWERKIN'"...
According to NBC San Diego, dozens of San Diego-area high school students have been suspended and banned from prom or commencement because of a twerking video, according to one parent.

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