Attention Shoppers (Grocery store speaker), prices are on the rise in all Wegmans grocery stores due to coronavirus.

According to WKBW, an email was sent out to many customers by the store stating that due to operating costs and product costs increasing in supply, they have been left with no choice on the uprise in pricing.

Items such as eggs, milk cereal meat have seen their record high pricing according to the Labor Department in 46 years

The letter reads:

"Grocers are on the front line of this pandemic, not only in the true sense of being an essential business, but in figuring out how to operate a business safely and successfully," the letter said. "Our priority has always been the safety of our employees and customers and keeping our stores open. All the decisions we have made came from this perspective, not the impact to our bottom line. We have always believed, if we do what is right and take a long-term view of the business, everything will work out. These decisions have been no different."

"As more businesses begin to open, they too will see that the cost of doing business has changed from a short time ago," it said. "We will do our part and share our processes and procedures with other businesses, so they can save time and get their businesses open quicker."

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