According to News Reports this morning, the President of the United States of America, said 'we' (Upstate New Yorkers) should move to another State because we are being treated badly by our NYS Governmenmt...namly Governor Cuomo and the Democratic Party.


"If New York isn’t gonna treat them better, I would recommend they go to another state where they can get a great job,” Trump said Wednesday. I love those people," Trump said of upstate residents. "Those people are my voters. They’ve been treated very badly. The problem is that states that have been really well run and don’t have debt, those states have a big advantage over states that have been poorly run, like New York and others, and have a tremendous amount of debt,"

Governor Andrew Cuomo responded and said this according to News Reports:

"We did everything right from a tax point of view," Cuomo said earlier this week. "We cut taxes across the board. We are at historic lows, 1947 low for middle-class taxes. Manufacturing tax is zero. We’ve cut taxes, property tax cap at 2 percent — first in history."   of sucvha thing.

Sources also reported that Richard Azzopardi, a senior adviser to Cuomo, responded to Trump saying this:

"Let's be real: ‎Trump started an economic civil war between blue states and red states in order to give tax cuts to millionaires and corporations in Republican states," Azzopardi said. "The man who spoke about unity last night is the great divider in chief — no one will forget the utter contempt he has shown for his fellow New Yorkers, nor will they believe his empty rhetoric to help fix what he broke."

My only comment is that I've never heard of such a thing.  Let's see ... the Title that Mr. Trump holds is President of The United States ... doesn't that imply that he is the Commander in Chief, Conductor, and #1 Promoter of UNITY among the States and people in general?  That's all I have to say ... SMDH.

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