The latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES are the Memphis Police Department. Memphis, cops called Latisha Boddie's parents last weekend to tell them she was stabbed to death. They even released her photo to the media, which immediately began reporting the details of her tragic demise. But Latisha was very much alive. "My sister had called me and said to me, 'Mom said you died,'" she said. "I'm like, huh? I'm here lying on the couch, and I called my mom and all my family had already gotten together and called the funeral home to come get my body from the morgue."

Now I understand mistaken identity but why would you not get 120% identification on the person before you start alerting the family of death. This is kind of traumatic but my favorite part of this video is her sister talking about they go BACK TO RIDING AROUND AND GETTIN IT !!! I'm glad she is okay but that sucks for the victims real family.