Big Dummy Files

Dumb criminals doing dumb things. Need we say more?

arrested......AGAIN !
The infamous gun slinging George Zimmerman is back at it again. The man who a lot of people think got a way with murder was arrested again for domestic dispute with his girlfriend. This is the fourth time George Zimmerman had been in trouble with law enforcement since winning his murder trial...
TV News Crew
While gathering information outside a home in Washington earlier today where four men held eight people at gunpoint three victims were assaulted and a man had a broom stick thrust into his mouth. The WUSA news crew was confronted by a mysterious and angry lady who wanted them gone...
Fake R. Kelly Concert
If you aren't aware of what a janky promoter is here is the definition :
And if you weren't aware a promoter throws different events (concerts,parties,etc). Well this janky promoter paid a R. Kelly impersonator to come and perform/front at a party...
Woman's Food Stamps !
I saw this on FB and had to screen shot it. This woman is upset because of the recent "changes" she is missing money from her monthly food stamp allotment.
She is that mad over 64$ ? Who gets 1170 worth of money in food stamps ...
Police About Drugs
Jessie Mulligan, has to be worse drug dealer ever. This weekend she thought she was setting up a drug deal with one her friends, instead she sent the text to a police officer by mistake. She was arrested and charged with three felony counts, according to Nevada County Sheriff's Dept...
Girlfriend's Demons
Authorities in Holiday, Florida, WSSB say's 54-year-old David Edward Benes held down his 80-year-old girlfriend and tried to “exorcise her and the get the devil out of her.”
According to police, the incident began on Monday, when David took the batteries out of the h…
5K in Her ???
Tonight's BIG DUMMY is Christie M. Black, 43, of Bulls Gap, Tennessee, she stole $5,000 from her boyfriend and hid the cash in her rectum. Right now she is hospitalized for injuries she suffered while stuffing the cash in her "hiding place...
Twerk Miley Miley Twerk
If you happened to see the MTV Awards, last night you saw former Disney superstar Miley Cyrus twerking on old man Robin Thicke.

Here is how the Smith's reacted while watching the "performance"
I also saw some hilarious things on Instagram :
Miley Cyrus please have a seat, no o…
Over A Prank!
Andrew Lobban, 31, is accused of shooting three of his co-workers because they played a prank on him. Here is how it all went down, according to WFTV.
Over PopTarts!
A 37-year-old woman from Charlotte, N.C. called police on Monday to report that her son -- who's a juvenile -- stole her PopTarts.

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