I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday who knew 32 Year-Old Rafael "Pito" Rivera, and said that you could not meet a nicer person and that his death in a  Police, involved shooting needs to be investigated further as a homicide.   Police claim 'Pito" was armed and would not adhere to several requests to drop his gun, with his refusal to do so leading to him being shot and killed by a Buffalo Police Officer.

Here's the News Story regarding the shooting:

The Family of 32 Year-Old Rafael "Pito" Rivera, according to WGRZ News:

As this type of incident continues to take place across our Nation, it hits now hit Buffalo.  The most concerning aspect regarding this shooting, to me, is the fact that, according to WGRZ News, an attorney for the family is claiming this:

 "I tried to go into the medical examiner's office today and they would not allow me to view the body. I want to see if the entrance wounds are in the back or not, and no one's allowed to give me the answer to that question," said Steven Cohen.

There are supposedly several Security Cameras in the area where the shooting took place, which have not been released.  WBLK will keep you updated on this situation.

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