There were ample warnings about trying to bring marijuana into the States from Canada, but some people failed to listen:

According to WGRZ News:

Dasiah Danae Cooper, 23, of New Castle, Delaware, was arrested and charged by criminal complaint with possession and importation of a controlled substance, and smuggling goods into the United States.

Well, what did Dasiah actually have that got her arrested and has her facing smuggling cigarettes that could carry a sentence of up to 20 - 25 years in prison?  She had 9 joints, according to the news story.

Now here's the weird part; what's legal in one Country may not be legal in yours.  You'll be fined. or face other charges, for attempting to bring weed into the States from Canada but you can fly with a pretty substantial amount of marijuana.  Yeah, that doesn't make ANY sense right?  Watch the video below.


Well, happy smoking if you are one to indulge, just be careful and know where you are and what the laws are,.

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