It all happens at Miami's Cameo Club on New Years Eve for 100,000 dollars here's what you get.

* A seat at the table next to Rick Ross
* 50 bottles of Moet Rose
* Five bottles of Belvedere
* Five bottles of Patron Platinum
* A night with a guest at the recording studio with Rick Ross !

Sounds exciting right ? uhhh no not for 100,000. What idiot would pay all that money to give away liqour because there is no way in the world any one person could drink all of that. Then to spend time with Rick Ross? This is hilarious, any one who actually pays 10,000 let alone 100,000 dollars for this gets a  prenominated entry into THE BIG DUMMY FILES!

I hope this money is going to charity.

Rick Ross’s Champagne NYE at Cameo Nightclub from The Opium Group on Vimeo.