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Dumb criminals doing dumb things. Need we say more?

Meek Mill gets arrested while bike riding in NYC
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Meek Mill posted himself speeding through the streets of New York the other day on his dirt bike.  The bike lover, who has a whole game app about bike life, was showing off as usual when, apparently, someone called the cops saying folks were endangering others on the …
Selfie Stick Accident
I mean I love my selfie stick as much as the next social media addict, but there are a couple things to consider before using your stick, mainly, could this possibly lead to me getting hurt?!?
Criminal Bites Off Fingertips
You gotta love stupid criminals, lol! So how about this guy down in Florida named Kenzo Roberts who tried to chew off his fingerprints by biting the tips off his fingers.
Ratchet Rap Video
In a world where cops and neighborhood watchmen are found not guilty of killing unarmed black people, it's hard to believe that a cop in Memphis lost her job after making a brief cameo in a rap video. But it's true. Watch this!

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