I recently did a post regarding the Most Burglarized City in NYS...Niagara Falls ...

Ummm NO KIDDING!!!!  Our car was just broken into yesterday ... and it was in Broad  Daylight.  Actually it was my fiancees car and I regret not telling her about the post I wrote.  She reads my posts but probably not every single one and I doubt she read the one regarding Niagara Falls being the NYS City with the MOST BURGLARIES.  Iif she did read it , she probably didn't pay it much attention, because we live on what might the quietest street in The Falls and a Burglary is the last thing you think will happen....so the doors were left unlocked.

Well, last night that thought was rudely dispelled as some JERK went in her car and stole her cell phone, credit card and my wallet.  The phone is an S9 and when tracked it came up as being the next street over on Michigan.  We filed a report, etc.  Losing property can be a very very depressing experience.  So hey, if you run across a Brown Wallet, amazon Credit Card, or S9 Phone I'm here at WBLK...give me a call...it would be as Blessing.

Here's a link to the article regarding the City with the Most Burglaries in NYS.

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