Like many people from Western New York, and all around the United States, I have been attending the Erie County Fair for many years. The Fair is a family tradition in our household for one reason my young daughter, will not let us miss it, but also we love to visit all of the food vendors. Let me tell you, we will even visit a vendor that sells the same thing as another vendor to see if it tastes the same.

This year the Erie County Fair is back in full swing, but one long-standing tradition will be missing. According to Strates Shows is a family-owned midway operator that would normally deliver games and rides by train, but this year things are going to be different, they will have to be delivered by truck. The reason the highly anticipated return of the locomotive can not happen is, by the time the state finally got the approval to have the event there wasn't enough time to coordinate the train's return.

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For generations, the annual arrival of the James E Strates Shows train has been a highly anticipated event for fairgoers and enthusiasts of Americana. This past year's pandemic has had a significant impact on many long-time family traditions.

Said, Erie County officials, in a recent press release.

The Erie County Fair runs from August 11- 22 at the Hamburg Fairgrounds, I'm always excited to get the family out for some fun. I think it's going to be nice to see all things that the fair has to offer since we missed last year.

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