New York State

Here is The Most Searched Shopping Item Online in New York
A lot of shopping happens online these days and that means trends are being recorded and the world is getting a peek into some of our most embarrassing shopping habits. Some of the items that came up in these findings are definitely out of left field and some make a lot of sense...
WNY Underage Drinking Sting
Bars and restaurants in western New York are preparing for a sting by the Liquor Authority.  During the next two months the New York State Liquor Authority will be sending in decoys to see if bars admit them in or serve them.
According to WGRZ the underage decoys will be using fake drivers…
The #1 Complaint Called in Yesterday at New York State Polls
According to state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office, New York voting problems reached over 700 inquiries – and that was all before happy hour.
The #1 complaint in New York State was people who got to the polls and were told they were not registered
The second biggest complaint wa…
NY Has the Highest Taxes in the United States…Again!
New York State pays more taxes than any other place in the country. Most of the money goes to schools (New York State has the largest and best school system in America) and Social Services.
According to WIVB:
"New Yorkers pay over 12 percent of what they earn just in State and local taxes...
Best Waterfalls To Go Swimming In New York [LIST]
Let's go on an adventure.
Instead of sitting on the couch this Saturday, take a drive for 20 minutes or a couple hours to any of these spots with your friends. Bring some food for a picnic, some beer and hang out and take a dip in on of the best eight natural swimming holes in New York State

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