I'm baffled as to how anyone can fix their brain to be critical of Colin Kaepernick.  This guy was willing to do pretty much the exact thing Cassius Clay did back in the day when Clay changed his name to Muhammed Ali and refused to serve the country in a Military capacity.  Muhammed Ali became the utmost American Hero, Icon, and Legend that the world of Sports has ever encountered.

Conversely, and mainly (in my opinion) because we have a President who is very vocal and opinionated, many in this Country have followed behind Donald Trump in criticizing Colin Kaepernick's with a stance that he disrespected our Military and American Flag by kneeling in the face of the National Anthem played at the beginning of National Football Games...a gesture that spread across the NFL among other players in support of Kaepernick's agenda.  The agenda was, and is not, about the Military or Flag (per se) specifically.  Colin Kaepernick is (again in my opinion) as Proud to be an American as the most Patriotic of individuals in this Country.  What Colin Kaepernick is not proud of is how AfricanAmericans have been unfairly treated and literally killed by Law Enforcement within this Country consistently over and over again.

Bruce Jenner surgically changed his sexuaL orientation from male to female and is awarded with and ESPY Award for Courage, numerous women have come forward to expose having been objectified and sexually abused by men creating a National 'Me Too'  Movement...however, when Colin Kaepernick chooses to refuse to salute our Flag upon the singing of a National Anthem that preaches equality and unity for all people, there is a National misguided outrage.

It seems Freedom of Speech works in this Country regrading literally everything other than Racial Inequality.  When it comes to Racism in the U.S., the expectation is that Black people are supposed to be accepting of such and just shut the hell up. Well not only did Colin Kaepernick refuse to quiet, he was willing to sacrifice a career participating in a sport, he was gifted enough to be able to be a part of, by standing up for something he Believes in...JUSTICE and EQUALITY for all persons...which the United states has not held up it's end of the bargain enforcing!

With all of the above said, I personally congratulate Nike and commend them for being willing to sacrifice continued monetary success and gain by aligning themselves with Kaepernick and choosing to feature him in their newest ad which promotes standing up for something, being courageous, believing in something , and ultimately adopting an attitude such that you 'Just Do It' despite the consequences...whatever those consequences may be.

Here's The New Nike Commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick:

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