Gun violence has been the topic of conversation for many in Buffalo, and it seems like it's not only a problem here, it's also a problem in Niagara Falls as well. Buffalo has hosted a gun buyback program a few times, which did help get some of the guns of the streets at that time. With the spike in violence in Niagara Falls, they are looking to do the same thing.

According to, there is a gun buyback program that will take place on July 10th, at the African Methodist Episcopal Church located at 917 Garden Avenue & Richard Allen Way. The event will take place from 10 am till 2 pm, some rules for people that are planning on bringing guns should remember are, the gun must be carried in the truck of your vehicle and it has to be in a plastic bag or box, the firearm must also be unloaded. Another thing you should know is, there is no limit to the number of guns you bring and there is no ID required or no questions asked.

Payments for guns range from $25.00 for a non-working gun up to $250.00 for an assault rifle. There are COVID-19 protocols in place so you will be asked to wear a mask, which is a small thing compared to getting paid to get guns off the streets.

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There are mixed feelings about this program from different people on whether this program actually gets the real guns of the streets that are used in the shooting that we all read about. I personally think that it is a great effort, but I also understand what residents' concerns are about this program.

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