According to the Buffalo News, NFTA has suspended the $2 Boarding Fee so as to avoid anyone having to handle money and/or pass cards during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Buffalo News report, NFTA services 83,000 bus and rail passengers every day, but according to the Buffalo News report, NFTA spokeswoman Helen Tederous said ridership has dropped drastically so the "No Fare" directive may not do much for people who use public transportation.

The Buffalo News quoted NFTA spokeswoman Helen Tederous as saying this:

"There has been such a decline that it may not have that much of a financial impact."

"Temporarily eliminating fare collection will also allow bus operations the ability to utilize rear-door boarding, which will maximize social distancing,"

"That exchange of money, and even of day passes, will now be totally eliminated. There will be no touching,"

“We got a lot of feedback from medical workers, people who work at grocery stores, and others thanking us" for retaining full service, she said. “We were starting to get requests from businesses and hard-hit individuals who need the service. We want to be there for the community and help in any way we can.”

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