Gas prices are coming down across New York State but don't let that fool you. The price per gallon is still hard to take and the way things are going, could very well surge again soon.

With the hurricanes churning, gas and diesel prices seem to be going up again and those of us who prefer to drive a bigger vehicle are feeling it. But even though I love trucks, it may be time to consider something a little more efficient for the family.

Good news for those who are thinking of buying an electric vehicle in New York State. The Governor is working on getting rebates in place for those who purchase an "E" car soon.

Governor Hochul said the state is adding ten million dollars toward a Drive Clean Rebate Program. People purchasing electric vehicles could get up two thousand dollars off per vehicle through the rebate program.

For our family, I think a Hybrid is the first choice. I understand the benefits of clean energy. However, call me a pessimist, I think that there is a chance that there will not be many charging stations available when they are needed and I want to have a backup plan especially when I am driving in a snow storm or frigid weather here in Western New York.

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